MIS PSG Policy

1. Introduction

The PSG is an Association of Parents and Teachers of Mandalika Intercultural School whose aim is to provide closer links between home and school, and it is an excellent way to bring staff and parents together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal to facilitate the development and further improvement of the school in keeping with the vision and mission of Mandalika Intercultural School.


2. Aims

The aims of the PSG are to advance the education and welfare of the students by:

  • promoting close cooperation and communication between parents and teachers
  • study and discuss matters of common interest related to education and student welfare
  • engage in activities that support and advance the education of students in school, including fundraising and after-school activities;


3. Membership

All parents are automatically members of this association.


4. Executive Committee

The PSG is led by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and two Secretaries, one providing Indonesian and the other English language communication. The Secretaries shall be responsible for keeping accurate Minutes of all meetings and distributing these to the Committee members. Copies to any member of the Association who requests them.

Meetings and social events are organised by this committee with the help of PSG members.

These are elected positions, with nominations and voting taking place early in Term I.


5. Parent Representatives

Parent Representatives shall be appointed to facilitate communication between parents and school leaders/teachers. They are provided with a list of all parents and their preferred contact information (email and/or phone number). This information is based on what you have provided to the school at the start of each academic year.


6. Meetings

PSG Executive Committee meetings – held regularly.

PSG General Meetings for all parents – meet at least once per term.

AGM Meetings once per year – to update parents and teachers about the PSG Activities and finances and vote in new members of the PSG executive committee.


7. Finance

PSG funds shall be lodged in a bank in the name of the PSG.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial transactions of the Association and for the administration.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that all property/money received by/for the PSG shall be applied for the aims of the Association.