Mandalika Intercultural School has exceeded our expectations in every aspect.

The school is modern with a delightful outdoor area that facilitates play and sports. The cafeteria serves as a pleasant meeting place for both students, staff and parents, fostering a warm sense of community and connection.

The application process was straightforward, thanks to an accommodating, professional, and friendly administration. The teachers are incredibly dedicated, possessing a unique ability to see each individual student. The close follow-up between the school and home, coupled with effective communication, creates a supportive learning atmosphere.

Academic challenges tailored to the student’s level and opportunities for development are prominent, fostering a stimulating learning experience. The school promotes strong camaraderie and has masterfully built relationships between the school and families in the international community.

Excursions and events are fantastic, and the teachers and leadership demonstrate an impressive level of commitment. Our daughter’s linguistic, academic, and social development in just 6 months was exceptional.

We wholeheartedly recommend Mandalika Intercultural School and look forward to returning for a whole school year in the future. Thank you for a remarkable experience!

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