Vision & Mission


We are a learning community proudly dedicated to being research based and data driven towards school directions, strategy, policies, practises, opportunities, and solutions, but most importantly towards student experiences and learning. We demand that our claims stand tests of scrutiny and are demonstrable.

We are a student centred community school using 21st century teaching and learning approaches to provide holistic, inclusive education, while incorporating rigorous academic (outcomes/programs) centred in practical, inspirational, real world experiences and the world of work.

Students who leave Mandalika Intercultural School will be innovative, confident, capable, resilient, compassionate life-long learners, with the skills and positive mindsets to tackle complex problems sustainably, collaboratively and tenaciously, in an increasingly interconnected world.


The vision of Mandalika Intercultural School is to enable students to become their best personal and academic selves, with healthy mindsets and 21st Century skills to thrive and make a positive difference in the global and local communities they choose to live.


Our academic, wellbeing and extracurricular programs are always designed to be relevant, meaningful and engaging. Alongside our framework of education for sustainability, we strive to be inclusive, and individualised programs for each student; nurturing creative, innovative and critical thinkers. We support our mission by hiring, and providing ongoing training for outstanding local and expatriate academic staff. Ultimately, we are passionate about ensuring our students are happy, capable, compassionate, and confident children with bright futures within local and global contexts.