MIS Early Years Program

Instilling values such as intrinsic motivation, self-discipline and curiosity.

A child's first impression of the school is vital in shaping their feelings about learning. Our dedicated teachers and co-teachers go the extra mile to ensure our children feel happy and secure in school.

We encourage learning through various creative play, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, yoga, music, dance, movement, and outdoor activities. Foundations of numeracy and literacy skills are also introduced while the children learn the social arts of sharing, assertiveness and diplomacy within safe boundaries. Our students meet regularly to share their learning and perform in front of their peers to build confidence. MIS encourages all of our programmes to be student-led. Student-led makes learning fun by giving MIS students creative freedom and empowering them to have control over their learning.

Why you’ll love Mandalika Intercultural School Early Years:

A team of highly qualified educators teaching a comprehensive learning curriculum.

Receive weekly updates and photos of your child’s learning through our class newsletters.

We provide flexible hours (half-day/full-day) and flexible days (2 days/3 days/ 5 days per week).

Our outdoor areas encourage exploration through play and include a sandbox, a bicycle track, and other play equipment.


( 2 - 4 Year Old )

At MIS, our Toddlers and Playgroup classes offer students a play-based introduction to learning. The Early Years Australian Curriculum (ACARA) is incorporated into their education, along with the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia. At MIS, our students are the main initiators of the learning process. Our students are inspired by their interest in knowing and learning, and as such, they are endowed with a uniquely individualistic understanding of how to construct learning on their own.

The Toddlers and Playgroup classes provide a solid foundation for learning, preparing students for a smooth transition to our Junior foundation class.

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(4 - 6 YEAR OLD)

In our Junior Foundation programme, MIS students explore themes woven throughout the strands of Independence and Interdependence, Enquiry, Healthy Living and Physical well-being and Communicating.

Healthy Living and Physical Well-being is about learning to look after themselves and each other and focusing on physical development. Independence and Interdependence concentrate on children’s personal, social and emotional development goals and relationships with other children. The enquiry aims to develop students’ skills of enquiry and build their knowledge and understanding of the world. Communicating focuses on developing skills in communication, including speaking and listening, reading and writing, early numeracy work and the expressive arts.

Our children are engaged in fun, hands-on learning, helping them build strong personal and educational foundations.

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